Counter-Strike Wallpaper

Counter-Strike 1.6 as your wallpaper


  • Nice widescreen resolution
  • Faithful to game


  • Pretty boring
  • No choice of wallpapers

Not bad

Half-Life mod Counter-Strike has been knocking around since 2003, but it still attracts fans in droves. If you're one of them, you're going to love this free Counter-Strike wallpaper for PC.

Although realistic and faithful to the game, this Counter-Strike wallpaper isn't exactly revolutionary, but it does the job. Featuring 3 characters in full get-up, as well as a prominent view of their impressive weapons, the wallpaper isn't very eye-catching, but it does capture the game well.

Unfortunately, there's only one Counter-Strike wallpaper available here, and it only comes in one size, 1600 x 1200 UXGA widescreen. Even so, if you're a Counter-Strike fan, this wallpaper is sure to please.



Counter-Strike Wallpaper

User reviews about Counter-Strike

  • by Anonymous

    Nice ice.
    Nice ice dude i wuv dis game is preatty cool i mean man i love
    Pros: the game
    Cons: Nothing...   More